Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feast of Saint Lucy 2013

On this Feast of Saint Lucy...

the girls woke up early and were so excited to wear their white gowns, red ribbon sashes and St. Lucy crowns (I really need to make them pretty felt ones like all my blogging friends). 

They delivered traditional Lussekatter rolls to the boys and their daddy. 

The Lussekatter rolls came from Ikea, and it was so nice to just defrost them in the fridge the day before then warm them in the oven. I think next year I will plan a whole swedish feast for dinner with easy food from Ikea.

We and a lovely breakfast of a Saint Lucy braided cinnamon roll bread lit with candles, with hot chocolate and coffee.  

We prayed this prayer to Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy, you did not hide your light under a basket, but let it shine for the whole world, for all the centuries to see. We may not suffer torture in our lives the way you did, but we are still called to let the light of our Christianity illumine our daily lives. Please help us to have the courage to bring our Christianity into our work, our recreation, our relationships, our conversation -- 
every corner of our day. 

We read the book Lucia, Saint of Light
and Peaches told us all about the book Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story that she is reading.

We listened to the song Santa Lucia sung by Andrea Bocelli here
and sung by a choir with a procession of St. Lucy girls here

It is a tradition for us now to celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy whose name means light by driving around that evening looking at local Christmas lights. 

We are lucky to have some Clark Griswold worthy homes nearby, including this one with a sleigh you can climb into in the middle of their lit up yard.

Saint Lucy, pray for us. 


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