Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful, A Year in Review 2013

I'm sitting here this Thanksgiving morning sipping my coffee and listening to my children play pilgrims upstairs and thinking how blessed I am. This has been such a sweet year just living our crazy life. I guess that's why I have not been here very much (really at all), but I am determined to record some snap shots for me to enjoy days and years from now.


An (Almost) Year's Worth of Blessings
this may take a couple days


a ballerina that is not a baby anymore

a crazy toddler, but still my baby

marching for Life with my family

school spirit despite a hard loss

a third birthday in the Hundred Acre Woods


little girls playing fairies in the forest

first haircuts

learning to ride a bike

lots of heart yummies on St. Valentine's Day

enough snow to do some sledding and finally get this picture in his baby bunting

a budding musician

a five year old fairy birthday


Dr. Seuss's birthday, another reason to have fun

the best road buddy in the whole world and visits with her beautiful family

cozy reading nooks in sun beams

our new Pope Francis and the chance to for my children to see the white smoke and get so excited

Saint Patrick's day fun

a driveway that is so conducive to playing

our parish St. Joseph Day feast and a sweet girl who loves her name day and patron saint

a girl always excited to try new sports

a surprise date night to see one of all time favorite performers, great seats too

kids who love to craft

and make yummy treats (shaking cream to make mason jar butter)

the prettiness of Easter


the cherry blossom lane one street over

children who are old enough to play board games and beat me

sipping chardonnay on warm Spring afternoons while my children make chalk drawings

a little boy who loves baseball as much as his daddy

Saint Bernadette, she's one of our favorites

children who not only eat their vegetables but love them

my girls in bonnets

Springtime picnics

the joy of discovering nature even in your backyard

craft time, and great websites with good ideas to inspire me

neighborhood parks, and the fact that they still love the baby slides

the beginning of his train obsession

Saint Gianna and celebrating her Italian style and my sweet girl with her namesake

The rest of the year to come soon, maybe tomorrow.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


MH said...

Love every pic! Happy Thanksgiving!! xx

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