Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pool Party Birthday

Having a birthday party in the middle of the dog days of summer can be a challenge and somehow we have always managed great parties albeit a little hot. This year, as our Pumpkin was turning 7, and he and his friends are getting bigger and even more active, I realized the kiddie pool in our back yard (with fingers crossed for no rain) wasn't going to be the best fit anymore. 

So we asked him and he decided he wanted a swim party. I was a little nervous because I had never had a birthday party anywhere but our house. I knew the cake would have to be a little simpler because it would have to be transported. Ditto with the decorations and food. 

We decided on a beach ball and pool theme. Turns out our local dollar store had all the perfect beach ball party props. So here's some snapshots of the fun. 

Sea Life crackers
(a little beach instead of pool themed, but let's go with it)

Twizzler pool noodles and Lifesaver gummies

Potato Chip Kickboards

Lifesaver Donuts

Pool Water

Beach Ball Cookie Pop favors

Jello Pool 
(with fish, of course, aren't there giant gummy fish in your pool?1?)

limited table decorations

lots of water fun

Dollar Tree big water squirters are the best pool toys ever.

We had also planned for "pool noodle freezy pops" but the kids had so much fun playing in the pool there wasn't time. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Seven Year Old Boy

I love to watch you grow and play. 


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