Sunday, May 19, 2013

Springtime Pastimes

"The earth laughs in flowers."
- E.E. Cummings

It really feels that way this time of year. On these kinds of days, I treasure being able to share all these little moments with my children. So this post is more of a scrapbook of a season for me.

"It is spring again. 
The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

Spring is the perfect time for...

baseball games

ice cream with friends

gobbling up crisp salads

wearing flowery bonnets

finding inchworms

backyard picnics

schoolwork with a view

bonfires with roasted marshmallows and s'mores

art projects inspired by Spring-like paintings

playing at the park

running in the sprinklers

picking strawberries, and eating a few too

"Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain 
and the rain falling on the sunshine..."
- Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
- Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg


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