Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Feast of St. Gianna 2013

It's always nice when special feast days fall on Sundays, since we get to celebrate with our whole family. We kept it simple making pizzas in honor of St. Gianna's home country of Italy. Sweet Pea loved talking all day about today being her "paytwon saint da-a-ay" (she turns most one syllable words into multi syllabic words). 

Hubby came home that afternoon from being out of town all weekend bearing these sweet gifts to celebrate the day - authentic Italian bakery fresh cannolis. Pretty much my most favorite thing ever. I had one each for dessert, breakfast and lunch in one 24 hour period = happiness. 

We looked through my books about Saint Gianna, talked about her love of Christ and sacrifice for family and colored Charlotte's picture of her. Mostly we just spent time together as a family.

Saint Gianna, Pray for us.  


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