Sunday, April 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Spring has Sprung

Please ignore that this is posting on Sunday instead of Friday. 


When God closes a door, He opens a window. My allergies from the blooming Spring are so bad, but even if I can't smell the flowers at least they are beautiful to look at. One street down from us is our very own Cherry blossom lane. The perfect afternoon walk.


Also had to sneak in this picture of the Vatican flag flying on our front porch. I couldn't wait to hang it up in honor of our new Pope Francis and Easter after coveting a friend's said flag on her own porch.


I love babies and wee tots, but I am so happy we can play board games with the kids now. They even beat us.


This toy brought over by a sweetly over indulgent grandmother has kept my 6 year old boy busy for hours. He was in tears because there was not enough day light left to build more a few days ago.


I prefer red wine but there might not be anything better than a nice crisp glass of Chardonnay on the first warm and breezy afternoon of Spring. Especially as I watch my kids happily play in the shade of cherry blossoms.


I like to consider myself slightly creative, but I have a daughter with an endless desire for crafting. Thank goodness for sites like Make & Takes for their simple and sweet ideas. 


I have a deep love for the Divine Mercy chaplet. Maybe it's the beautiful song or because I get distracted half the time I start my rosaries and this prayer I can actually usually finish. Either way this is a very special devotion to me, but this past Divine Mercy Sunday after on and off days of sick kids I kept it simple to celebrate, Divine Mercy heart pancakes and coloring pages

To see where Quick Takes originates visit Conversion Diary. Except this week Grace at Camp Patton is hosting. Please keep Jennifer in your prayers. 


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