Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Monkey!!

Sweet Pea turned two. She has been so cute lately playing with this little monkey stuffed animal, so me and all the kids knew it would be a monkey theme would be so fun for her. She loved it.  


She pretty much lives in this pink tutu.

We had a little breakfast party with just family, godparents and a couple little girl friends she plays with. For adults there was banana bread with whipped cream cheese, butter and cream cheese frosting. Snacks included banana chips and "monkey bars" (some cute granola bars that my mom found). 

Dessert was a monkey cake and a banana pudding trifle.

We did a cute craft of making little necklaces with monkey beads and putting monkey stickers on a little monkey paper pad. These are two of her favorite little activities, so she loved it. 

She woke up the morning of her birthday pointing to her birthday hat from the year before asking me to get it for her to wear and running around saying "Happy Birthday MEEEEE!!"


Her big brother and sister made her a fleece tie blanket with Curious George all over it. She sleeps with it every night.

It was a cute little party and she was so happy and felt so special. I love this little girl. She is all sunshine and joy. What a blessing she is in our family.


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