Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Oooohhhhh went the wind and out went the light"

**This post was made possible with the help of a baby swing**

  Inspired by this post at Make & Takes, I decided to dip my hand back into crafting projects. I'm glad I did as this was so easy (took a total of 7 minutes to collect supplies and cut tissue paper squares) and the kids really enjoyed it. Plus I already had all the supplies and they worked on this for a half hour allowing me to take care of our little baby without the usual feelings of guilt that I was not spending quality time with them.We did a similar design for the Jack O' Lantern votive but our ghost is saying "oooooohhhhhh" like in the "Five little Pumpkins" song. It could also just as easily be saying "BOO."

 Halloween Votives
(supplies and directions tweaked some from original post. Original post has more pictures and creativity)

  • glass jar (we used mason jar, but jam or baby food would work too)
  • cut-out squares of color tissue paper
  • black construction paper cut into eyes, mouth etc.
  • white school glue mixed with a little water (enough to make it soupy)
  • scissors
  • paintbrush or sponge brush
  • tea light
  • newspaper for table cover

1. Coat a portion of your jar with the glue and water mixture.
2. Add squares of the tissue paper where there is glue and then continue until the entire jar is covered.
3. Coat the surface with the glue and water mixture.
4. Coat the black construction paper features with the glue & water mixture and then attach to jar and coat again with glue mixture.
5. Let dry. Drop in a tea light.


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