Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Immaculate Mary!!

It's the Blessed Mother's Birthday today. A wonderful day to keep it simple and have fun. Make a cake or cupcakes or take it easy and by a little grocery bakery cake. Sing "Happy Birthday" to Mary (singing "Immaculate Mary" as well since she was born "immaculate"), pray a Hail Mary (or the whole rosary or just a decade, the latter is the reality for our younger family) and bring some flowers to a statue of Mary. It's a simple feast like this that my kids love the most. This year we'll be combining dinner and dessert by making a big stake of blueberry pancakes layered with whip cream in the shape of a birthday cake with a candle on top. Here's what we have done in years past...

Visit Catholic Cuisine for some inspiring and beautiful yummy ideas for celebrating.

Mary, born Immaculate, Pray for us.


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