Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ARRRGHHH!!! A Pirate Birthday Party

Pumpkin just celebrated his 5th birthday with a pirate birthday party. It was really fun this year because he wanted to be involved in some of the details, but I still kept as much of it a surprise as possible. I have been trying to tone down the birthday parties. I did my best. Cake

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This kit my mom got me made this a lot easier. I basically made 3 sheet cakes. The ocean is a whole sheet cake. For the bottom of the ship, I used the second sheet cake, cutting two small triangles off the front and trimming the sides. For the top 1-2 layers of the ship I used the last sheet cake stacking two cut rectangles on the back of the ship and two cut small triangles on the front to make a larger triangle. The cake was a white box cake with crushed Oreos in it (half I make into crumbs in the food processor and half I crush with a fork into chunks). there is no perfect amount of Oreos, but for a reference I used 2 boxes of double stuff Oreos for 3 sheet cakes. Cooking time may be a little bit longer with the Oreos in it. It makes a really yummy and moist cake. All our adult family and friends are always requesting this cake. The brown icing is a family chocolate butter cream frosting. I use this basic butter cream recipe for white frosting to dye various colors.

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (family recipe)

this is the base which I often double or triple for most cakes

1 stick salted butter or margarine 4-6 tbsp cocoa - I often add more and only use Hershey's not Nestle melt above on stove on low to low-medium heat pour melted cocoa mixture into mixing bowl and add 1 box powdered sugar 1 tsp vanilla 6 tbsp milk (sometimes I don't add all the milk, just depends on my mood and consistency) mix until creamy

For lunch there was a giant pirate ship sub sandwich made with a loaf of french bread, deli meats and cheeses, pretzel sticks for oars and printable pirate flags from here taped onto toothpicks.

I also made a creatures of the sea snack mix with colored goldfish crackers, whale crackers and shark crackers.

Activities & Games

We did a water party in the back yard, so all the kids played in kiddie pools, made water slides, slip 'n slide and sprinklers. I had a water table also.

Then the kids came in and changed and played pirate dress-up with a bunch of costumes I borrowed from my mom's neighbor. I had plastic hooks, eye patches, hats, foam swords, plastic water pistols to use with their costumes.

Then we had a treasure hunt with clues leading them around the house in search of a treasure map. The treasure map then had them count paces to the treasure. The treasure was hidden under an old white t-shirt we marked up with a big black "X." The treasure was a cardboard treasure chest filled with various trinkets including plastic bead necklaces, pirate tattoos and stickers, eye patches, treasure map games, and lots and lots of gold plastic coins. Once they found the treasure I gave the children loot bags and just let them have a free for all filling up their bags with treasure form the chest.

Pumpkin got to keep the treasure chest and has since turned his closet into a treasure room with all his loot in his treasure box. Decorations

We had red and black streamers and balloons everywhere. This pirate flag we borrowed hung from the front porch. I used all the pirate toys I could find or borrow as decorations. There were stuffed pirate puppets, pirate ships, pirate telescopes, etc.
I had little pirate flags everywhere too. The table was set with a red plastic tablecloth and black plates and red napkins folded as sails. I had pirate cups and other pirate toys and figurines on the table.
Pumpkin had a wonderful time and has been asking for another pirate birthday party everyday. Even Sweet pea has been walking around with a pirate hat on her head and a foam sword saying "AAARRRRGGGGHHH!"

Me and my sweet big 5 year old boy.


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