Monday, July 18, 2011

Easy Cork Sail Boats

The middle of these summer days is a slow time in our house usually. The girls are napping and it's much too hot to be outside. I have been looking for fun things to do with my oldest during these hours. I saw this cork boat craft today, and I knew it was a perfect impromptu craft.
It was so easy and we luckily had all the supplies, including some leftover foam sheets from Valentine's Day. Pumpkin loves to play at the water table with his cars and leogs out on the shady part of the patio, so I knew he would love these. He is always trying to figure out what sinks and what floats.
Follow the directions here. We just hot glued the three corks together, cut a trapezoid sail and mounted it with a toothpick. I knew they would just be floating them in the wtaer table or the pool, so we didn't put the string on it to sail them in a pond or creek.
Happy Sailing!

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