Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Boy's Adventure Room

For Pumpkin's 5th birthday, we decorated in his room with a sort of outdoor, camping, adventure theme. We set up the room as a surprise for the morning of his birthday.

The centerpiece of this room is this teepee tent I had made here on Etsy. I asked her for this custom design and she did a wonderful job making it. He loves it.

The wall hangings of boys playing baseball are actually from my husband's room as a little boy that he saved.

The lamp is a telescope lamp base and matching natural shade from Target. This bronze Saint Francis statue (which I actually originally order from House of Fontanini, but I can not find there naymore) seemed perfect for the room. I ordered this wall decal of a little boy fishing, but had it made in chocolate brown and enlarged as much as possible.

The green polka dot elephant piggy bank is a baby gift from Tiffany & Co.

For a reading night light I attached this vintage camping lantern to his bed with a carabiner. It has a dimmer switch, and he loves to read by it at night as it gives off the perfect amount of light. I love going up into his room after he has fallen asleep and turning it off for him as he fell asleep with a book or Lego creation in hand with the lantern still on. This toy chest (Cameron Cubby & Drawer Base in white) does not go with his bedroom furniture but I got it on a floor sale at Pottery Barn Kids. The brown rattan baskets are from Target and are great for storing his toys. We also hung a few old model airplanes I found on ebay from the ceiling. I want to get some more but I wanted to make sure these weren't too much for the room first.
This big map I have had since I was in high school and have been carrying from place to place. It's funny to look at because it is a Cold War era map so the political geography in Eastern Europe and Asia is so different now. Originally the frame was black but we changed it to a chocolate brown to go with the room. This big stuffed bear along with the teepee were his actual birthday presents. he said he wanted a reading pillow like his sister, so I thought this giant stuffed 63" bear I got on ebay would be a perfect place to snuggle in and read a book. The bear came new from China and I can't even explain how they stuffed it into the box it came in. The furniture in the room we have had for a few years is Stanley Young America. This collection is no longer made, but we have the double twin bunk bed with captain's storage drawers underneath, a tall dresser, and 3 drawer night stand.

The bedding consists of solid sky blue twin sheet set and a solid brown duvet with a basic down comforter, all of which are from Target.

The accent pillow is a monogrammed baptism pillow from his godmother.

There is also a name puzzle stool he loves that we received as a gift.

The Mary statue is from our local dollar store.

The miniature Notre Dame gold football helmet is a gift with former ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen's signature on it.

I had so much fun designing his room. I have a few other ideas I didn't get to before his birthday. The smile on his little face when he first saw his room on the morning of his birthday was priceless.


MH said...

Looks wonderful! Love the teepee!!

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