Friday, April 15, 2011

Easy Homemade Butter

I received this wooden butter lamb mold as a gift from my mother-in-law last year. This was my first time making a butter lamb, so I wanted to practice before Easter. It was the perfect opportunity to try making homemade butter. We made regular salted butter and honey butter. We used mason jars, heavy cream, a pinch of salt and a couple tablespoons of honey (although we will use more honey for the next batch). It was very easy and the butter was delicious. Be prepared for your arms to get a little sore, but it only takes about 10 minutes of shaking the jar to get butter.

First step was to pour the heavy cream into the mason jar filling it up 1/2 to 2/3 of the way. screw on the lid very tightly.

Start shaking and shaking. Now shake some more.
At some point after about 5 minutes after the cream has gotten very thick, it will separate into a soft butter ball and liquid buttermilk. Keep shaking for a couple more minutes to thicken up the butter ball. Then pour the buttermilk out. Save it in a jar for using later for pancakes, biscuits or baking.
We shook for another minute or so to get the last of the buttermilk off. Then we rinsed off the butter ball with cold water. Then we put the butter into the lamb mold and chilled it.
Our homemade butter was delicious.
We had fun talking about how butter was traditionally made by churning it. A great book to accompany this activity is Winter Days in the Big Woods in the My First Little House Book series. This page with Mary churning the butter was perfect.


Anonymous said...

Robina, I read the article about your homemade butter in Catholic Digest and can't wait to try it. Would your be able to give a little more detail on the recipe? At what stage did you add the salt and/or honey? How much of each? Etc. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed visiting your site! Lenten Blessings!

Robina said...

How wonderful that you want to do this with your family. I added all the ingredients in the very beginning together and then began shaking. Really it is too taste and I don't the specific amounts. I would guess about 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of salt er cup of heavy whipping cream. For honey, we like it sweet so I think we added about a tablespoon or so for every cup of heavy whipping cream. Hope that helps. Really it's fun just to experiment and taste test. Happy Easter!!

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