Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter weekend was wonderful. We hosted Easter dinner for 17 people and the food was delicious. Here are a few snapshots...
Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday Last year I used this recipe, but this year I thought I would try this recipe, but I think I like roll-like buns like last year over a pan of rolls. Our parish Easter Egg Hunt
Cute Bunny Fun
Dying Easter Eggs
Easter baskets and gifts
Easter Decorations
A storm a couple weeks ago knocked a little bird's nest out of a tree. Thankfully, I didn't see any birds eggs around it. But it made the perfect place to put some of our dyed Easter eggs as a decoration.
Our Butter Lamb
I made this lamb with this mold and used honey butter we made ourselves from heavy cream
Our family picture after Easter morning mass
Our Easter egg hunt at home. I could have watched this all day. I am so glad Sweet Pea started walking recently. She was so proud of herself finding eggs and had so much, and she was so adorable.
Our Easter Dinner
I wish I could have gotten some better pictures, but the hungry masses were looming. Dinner included two maple brown sugar glazed hams, sweet potatoes with oatmeal crumble topping, honey glazed carrots, fried apples, baby greens salad with a homemade balsamic dijon maple syrup vinaigrette, potato casserole, broccoli casserole, pretzel salad, Hawaiian rolls, watergate salad, and a cross monkey bread.
The dessert area had some homemade sugar cookies, our family favorite chocolate buttermilk cake, Easter candy molds (like those here but not as pretty or worthy of a close-up picture) and of course a monkey bread cross which was with the dinner food as it is considered a main course food in our family :)


MH said...

Oh my goodness, where to start?! I love everything about this post! The family picture is perfect, the picture of SP hunting of eggs is precious, Peaches' yellow dress is adorable, the food looks delicious...I could go on and on! All your dish ideas are awesome - both in this post and the JP II one...Your kiddos are so very blessed to have parents that put so much time and thought into ways to (age appropriately) present their faith to them. xo

Robina said...

You're too sweet MH. Thanks.

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures, all of them!! I hope you are all having a very Happy Easter season!

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