Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Simple Saint Joseph Dinner

I had a dear friend and her children come stay with us for the weekend, so we had a simple dinner for the Feast of Saint Joseph of spaghetti with breadcrumbs as sawdust and cream puffs for dessert . I had planned to make some shaped breads but decided that the best way to spend teh special time togetehr was to just hang out and let the children play outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.

I love this big cherry blossom tree in our front yard.

Pumpkin was having fun blowing the fallens petals which looked like a Spring snow as they fell all around our house and street.

We also went to our downtown Saint Patrick's Day Parade.


TC said...

We were at the parade, too! I hope you had a nice weekend with your friends visiting!:)

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