Friday, March 18, 2011

Bibiddi Bobiddi Boo, Dreams really do come true

Peaches just turned three recently and wanted a Cinderella birthday party. All the little girls were so happy and Peaches felt like the belle of the ball.
I ordered this invitation except it was personalized for Peaches,
and the top two lines instead read,
"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo,
Dreams really do come true."
Lots of Cinderella blue streamers and balloons, Cinderella dolls and toy carriages and a Cinderella tablecloth with a place setting fit for a princess for each royal guest.
When the girls arrived, they walked in on a "red carpet"
I ordered the Cinderella dress on Etsy
I fell in love with adorable crown from Etsy. Of course, they all wore Cinderella blue and were so excited for the party to start.
The royal guests all had a fine lunch of...
Magic Wand Sandwiches with cream cheese and strawberry jam and a pretzel rod for the wand stick
Yogurt Princess Parfaits with blueberry and strawberry yogurt, granola and whipped cream
Love can come true snack mix with pretzels that are kind of heart shaped, heart candy and heart marshmallows
Veggies and dip served in a midnight pumpkin
The cake could be none other than Cinderella herself with a glass slipper on a pillow beside her. The cake actually has her name with "Happy Birthday" but I edited it out. This was the hardest cake I ever made because I had to shave down the dress part and then it was all crumby. I would normally have put a glaze on it and then iced it to make it easier, but it was already on top of the iced base cake and I thought maybe the glaze would run and be too hard to clean up. So I decided to just go for icing it straight on crumb surface. It took forever was a mess. Then when I went to put the Cinderella doll in the dress, I had not dug out a deep enough hole and Cinderella was sticking out. So then I had to add a few extra bits of cake to make the dress higher. It turned out just perfect in the end and my little Cinderella was so happy.
For favors, each guest took home a pink magic wand lollipop made with these and this mold. Activities There was a treasure hunt for Cinderella's glass slipper using these clues... Cinderella left the ball right at midnight and before the Prince knew it she was out of sight The Prince found her glass slipper as she ran away Cinderella kept the other slipper but she has lost it today Will you help Cinderella find the missing glass slipper? Cinderella needs it when the Prince comes to find her. To find Cinderella's glass slipper just follow the clues you"ll need to search high and low, but I'm sure you can't lose Cinderella always had a floor to sweep where in the world would her broom she keep After cleaning so hard Cinderella would be tired she'd sit here to keep warm by the fire To the Royal Ball Cinderella so wanted to go she thought a dress she'd have time to sew The night of the ball she had nothing to wear so she sat on her back porch and cried in despair but then POOF came her fairy godmother to save the day and turned a PUMPKIN into a carriage to drive her away With her Prince Charming she danced all over the ballroom floor until the clock struck midnight and she had to rush out the FRONT DOOR She rushed home with happy thoughts in her head and she was so tired from dancing she went straight to BED Yeah you helped Cinderella find her missing glass slipper now she'll be ready when Prince Charming comes looking for her doorbell rings Someone at the door, oh who could that be, maybe its' Prince Charming looking for his little lady. The girls then ran downstairs and at the door was Bart and my son with a crown on his head to be Prince Charming (he was supposed to be the Prince by himself but he was a little shy so Bart helped him out). He held a pillow with the other glass slipper and carried it in while Peaches sat on a decorated chair and then put it on her foot just like Cinderella. The girls spent most of the time in their princess dress up dancing to a princess cd that my mom found that you could get customized with a girl's name so that her name was sung during the little songs. The girls loved it. It was such a wonderful party and the best part was seeing Peaches smile the entire time. Happy Birthday to our sweet little Cinderella.


TC said...

Well done! Such a cute and sweet idea. Glad she enjoyed being the belle of the ball.:) My godson sure makes a handsome prince!

Kevin M said...

The photographer of cake-time did an excellent job.... :-)

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