Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Days

What a treat we have had with a Winter Wonderland the past couple days. I finished the Winter & Snow themed book basket just in time.
We have been playing in the snow so much. My son has spent almot every hour possible outside.
And he is now a sledding expert. Turns out there are some great sledding hills on the golf course near our new house.
Even Sweet Pea loved the snow and sledding.
She spent a lot of time looking out the window at her big brother and sister playing in the snow. Everyione loved snow icecream...
...except the baby. "How dare you out such stuff in my mouth?"
We drank hot cocoa and made a fun wintry snack.
Snowman Sandwich Snack
Cut bread into the shape of a snoman with a cookie cutter or with circles stacked on each other. Spread cream cheese on the body and peanut butter for a hat. Use raisins, cheese, carrots or whatever for eyes, nose and buttons.
Peaches decorating her snowman
Pumpkin's Snowman
(He really likes raisins)
There are so many fun winter crafts, but this one was simple and easy.


MH said...

Fun! And how awesome that B was able to be home with you! Love the button snowflake craft, by the way.

The Trailovs said...

and, we are most definitely knocking on your door to go sledding the next time it snows!!! wowoowowoowow- how fun!!

TC said...

That picture of Sweet Pea is priceless.:) We are also coming to your house next time it snows!!:)

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