Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Celebrate Candlemas

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple Simon Vouet, 1641 Lumen ad revelationem gentium! “Light for revelation to the Gentiles” When Joseph & Mary brought Jesus to the Temple, the prophet Simeon proclaimed upon seeing him: “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation which your have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.” Luke 2:29-32 Candlemas is celebrated on February 2nd, 40 days following the Nativity of the Lord on December 25th. This day honors two connected feasts, The Presentation of the Lord (the fourth joyful mystery of the Holy Rosary) and The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mother. By Old Jewish Law both of these ritual events occur ed in the temple forty days after the birth of the firstborn male child because the child belonged to God and the parents had to buy him back by making an offering of "a pair of turtledoves." At this time the mother who was thought unclean unclean for seven days following the birth and who was to remain 33 days "in the blood of her purification" was ritually purified.
this feast day was originally called candle mass because their was a large procession with lighted candles into mass representing Christ as the "Light for revelation to the Gentiles.”
adapted from New Advent Prayer
Prayer for Candlemas Lord God, you are the source of everlasting light. Your son, our beloved Lord Jesus was presented in the temple 40 days after his birth. He was recognised by Simeon and Anna, and welcomed as the promised Messiah. May we like them, behold the glory of the Lord Jesus. Grant that we may stand before you with hearts cleansed by your forgiving love. May we serve you all our days and make your name known as we worship you as our Lord. So may we come by your grace to eternal life . Amen.
Attend daily mass for the Feast of Candlemas and have your priest bless one or all of your family's candles
Read from the Gospel of Luke 2:22-40, about the Presentation of Our Lord.
Pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, making special note of the fourth mystery - The Presentation of the Lord Read this lovely homily by Pope John Paul II from Candlemas mass in 1998 (I came across this link in reading about stuff for Candlemas from someone's blog, but am not sure who to give credit to now) Crafts & Activities
Make (another great make tutorial) or buy beeswax candles
Have a family Candlemas Procession with your candles I love Dawn's seashell candle craft
Make this mosaic candle toilet paper roll craft (or omit mosaics to simplify)
Point out to your children the details from scripture in this and this classical painting this and this icon of The Presentation of the Lord
Food & Treats
Make edible candles with large pretzel sticks as here but you could use instead a dollop of white or yellow icing or a white dip on top
Make Candlemas crepes, a traditional food for this feast day For other food ideas, visit Catholic Cuisine

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 1623, Guercino


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Ohhhhh....pardon my convert-ness, but I've never heard of this! Thanks for sharing something new with me! :)

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