Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Baby Bumble Bee Turned One

Sweet Pea just turned ONE, and we celebrated the first year of our sweet baby girl with a bumble bee theme - as we have always affectionately sang the "Baby Bumble Bee" song to her. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I love children's birthday parties and I go overboard usually, just a little. But how can you not for a little baby this cute...
I used this bumble bee template at zazzle.com which you can custom edit to whatever wording you choose. In the picture above I scribbled out the personal information. It's hard to see in this picture, but it says:
She's as cute as can BEE,
and as sweet as honey.
Buzz on over for some fun,
our little bumble bee is turning ONE.
Please join us for a
BEE-day party for
Sweet Pea
On the back of the invitation, I had a cute picture of her from Halloween dressed as a bumble bee and her full name and BIRTH day information.
Adorable Outfits
I got Sweet Pea's bumblebee dress and Peaches' Hello Kitty bumble bee dress from the adorable and inexpensive Polka Dottie Ottie etsy shop.
I got this embroidered bumble bee party hat from Stell & Livi etsy shop. It actually arrived right as the pary was ending, but i was able to get a few pictures with it on.
Decorations of yellow and black balloons EVERYWHERE, yellow and black streamers, stuffed bumble bees and bumble bee toys and books books, yellow flowers. I had her baby book out to show her wonderful year of growing into such a sweet little one year old girl.
I found this cute bumblebee and honeycomb teapot and thought it was perfect for coffee at the party. I really am wishing I could get the other pieces now.
These little no-bake peanut butter bumble bee cookies (I used this recipe except I used chocolate icing that I had leftover from the cake) were one of my favorites. I saw these at Catholic Cuisine for the Feast of St. Ambrose and thought they were perfect our bumble bee theme.
Lots of yellow and honey-themed foods including: Peanut Butter and Honey Honeycomb sandwiches that I made with this honeycomb cookie cutter (sorry my picture of these sandwiches just didn't turn out right), field green salad with a homemade honey balsamic Dijon vinaigrette, honeydew melon, yellow buttered popcorn, yellow and black candies, peanut butter bumble bee cookies, my mother-in-law's delicious chicken salad on croissants and lemonade.
Bumble Bee Cake
For the sitting up 3-D bumble bee cake, I used this Wilton stand-up teddy bear cake pan and trimmed off the ears. I used black licorice for the antennae and white rolled fondant cut into the shapes of wings affixed to the back with a toothpick. I blurred it out for posting here but it said her name underneath Happy Birthday.
For the cupcakes I just iced with white icing and drew a little bee with yellow and chocolate icing. She had so much fun licking icing off her fingers and "learning to eat a cupcake" by watching how her big brother picked it up. First she tried to put it to her face by bringing her head down to it, then she realized she could pick it up with her hands and bring it to mouth.
What a yummy victory!!!
The birthday gift we got Sweet Pea (and her siblings) was the KidKraft Large Kitchen, that is big enough to fit all their favorite Melissa & Doug cooking toys (cookies, cutting food, etc.).
She loved opening all her presents and waving around the tissue paper.
Happy Birthday my sweet little baby bumble bee!!
...maybe I'll just have to change her blog name now.


TC said...

She is such a cutie pie. You did an amazing job. You should totally start your own kids' birthday party business!!:) xoxo

MH said...

Oh bums! This makes me even more sad I missed the party. :( LOVE everything - the cake is AMAZING, and her dress is absolutely precious. You're always so creative with the menu at their parties, too. She looks like such an "almost toddler" in the pic with her new kitchen...how can that be?!!

Anonymous said...

you might be interested in this etsy shop as well:

Jessica said...

You did a wonderful job, Robina! What a darling birthday party!!

Happy Birthday to Sweet Pea!

Kathy said...

Robina, you probably won't remember but I met you last year, when your little bumble bee was just a tiny newborn, at a homeschooling meeting at Kimberly's house.

You have a lovely blog here and a lovely family.

It's hard to believe she's already a year!

What a wonderful party you gave her:-)

Robina said...

I think I do remember you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope to see you at a FACES event soon.

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