Monday, December 20, 2010

In Joyful Excitement...

of Christmas, we have been...
Decorating Our New Home
Reading Lots of Christmas Books
Making & Eating Sweets
Making chocolate dipped sprinkle spoons for hot cocoa gift bags
Making peppermint pretzel dots with these
great festive Christmas pretzels I found at Walmart
Pumpkin was so proud to have unwrapped every Peppermint Hershey Kiss all by himself.
Don't these Oreo Truffles look delicious (thanks MH for the idea).
And they were so easy and kid friendly to make.
And of course some basic sugar cookies iced with yummy frosting.
Peaches' snowgirl has both a red and a green show.
So perfect for the girl who always puts her shoes on the wrong feet on purpose.
Jingling all the Way
We made these easy jingle bell bracelets by lacing
these small jingle bells onto a pipe cleaner
and twisting it to size to form a bracelet.
Watching the Nutcracker ballet
We went to see a ballet show of some pieces from The Nutcracker
that a local dance group at the mall and Peaches was enthralled by "her favorite ballerina."
Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Looking at Christmas Lights

There are some great ones near our house,
one that even broadcasts its own radio show
with the lights matching the music.
We loaded the kids up in the car in their PJs
with their lovies and blankies,
and let them eat fast food and cookies
while we drove around looking at the lights.

doing this nativity puzzle

They also make a great Easter one and some other Bible scenes.

We have been having some beautiful peaceful moments every evening around our Advent wreath singing a song we learned from some sweet children a little north of us, saying our Advent prayers, reading our Jesse Tree readings and singing a Christmas song. And every night the kids are so excited for this special time followed by opening another window of their chocolate Advent calendars. I'll post more pictures this week.


Jo Flemings said...

Oh you are very much in danger of becoming the picture perfect poster family for all this cool stuff you do!! I love the photo of Daddy lifting the boy!

Robina said...

Oh Jo. You know better. You have seen the real circus I leave coming in late for daily mass and begging my little ones to be shh and sit still. I look to you and say how do I do that? And how blessed you are ;)

Patty said...

Beautiful traditions and activities. Keep on enjoying every. single. minute. for it goes too quickly. My oldest told me the other day that she is getting "tired" of me reading to her each day. :( (I still read though!)

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