Friday, December 10, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12th is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and remembers Our Lady's appearance to St. Juan Diego. "The Blessed Virgin Mary, by her title, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is the Patroness of Mexico and the Americas. On December 9, 1531, Our Lady appeared to Saint Juan Diego, an Indian Christian, whom she sent to the bishop with the request to build a Church in her honor on the hill where she appeared. The bishop asked Juan Diego for a sign to prove that the Virgin had appeared to him. Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego again on December 12 and promised that his uncle would be healed. She directed Juan Diego to gather a bouquet of roses that miraculously appeared on a bush nearby (roses do not bloom at this time of the year) to present to the bishop. Juan Diego gathered the roses in his tilma (cloak). When he opened his tilma before the bishop, the roses felt to the floor, and the bishop was amazed to see the miraculous image of the Mother of God imprinted on the cloak. The image persuaded the bishop to believe what Juan Diego had told him, and the Church was built." from Women for Faith & Family.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this feast day. Prayer
Learn the Hail Mary in Spanish
Ave Maria
Dios te salve, María, llena eres de gracia, el Señor es contigo. Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres, y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre, Jesús. Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros, pecadores, ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. Amen.
Read The Lady of Guadalupe by Tomie dePaola
Make Mexican food for dinner, enchiladas or tacos. For more ideas for mexican meals, visit Catholic Cuisine. We'll be having beef and tomato enchiladas with yellow saffron rice and black refried beans, one of my favorite meals.
Make Rosy Punch
Activities & Reading
Color Charlotte's coloring page of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Re-enact the march that many pilgrims make on their knees to visit the shrine
Buy and light an Our Lady of Guadalupe candle, like here
Listen to Mañanitas, which are traditional Mexican songs that people sing early in the morning on birthdays and other special days. Traditionally this song is sung to Our Lady of Guadalupe on her feast day either at midnight or the break of dawn to greet her on this day. Sing this song in the morning. Listen to it here.
las mañanitas Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el Rey David Hoy por ser día de tu santo te las cantamos a ti. Coro: Despierta, mi bien, despierta, mira que ya amaneció ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metio. These are the morning songs that King David used to sing. Because today is your birthday We are singing them to you. Chorus: Awaken, my dear, awaken and see that he day has dawned, now the little birds are singing, and the moon has set


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