Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Countdown Craft

We did this craft last year and hung it in our kitchen and the children loved it. It is easy and you can actually use the turkey base again each year and just cut out new feathers.
This turkey is a cute craft for counting down to Thanksgiving, while every day writing something you are thankful for as a family. You make enough feathers as there days left until Thanksgiving, and every day you tear off a feather and write on it something you're thankful for. On each feather I wrote down something that each child said they were thankful for (sometimes they were hilarious) and their name. We saved all the feathers in a mason jar on the kitchen counter and then read them all on Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving the children had fun listening to what they had been thankful for the past few weeks.
From Make & Takes (tweaked a little):
Brown paper – cardstock or construction paper for the turkey’s body and head. Colored paper – cut into strips, as many as days until Thanksgiving Black crayon or 2 googly eyes (optional) gluestick and glue
Draw and cut a large circle out of the brown paper, as big as it can go. Then cut a smaller circle, but with a square neck at the bottom. Bend the square part of the small circle back and glue it to the middle of the big circle, it’s for a 3D head. Now draw eyes on the head or glue on two googly eyes with glue, glue on a beak, and glue on a snood – the red thing hanging over the beak! Cut your colored paper into feather strips and glue them to the back of the turkey body. Write what you’re thankful for when you pluck the feather each day. Now it’s ready for Plucking! Everyday you get to remove a colored feather strip, getting you closer to Thanksgiving. Save each feather with written thankful note and read them all together on Thanksgiving Day.


MH said...

Only you would know the word "snood", nerd. ha! Totally stealing this idea..Z will love it. Thanks!

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