Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love Autumn

This is just my favorite time of year. When I saw Ginny's leaf garland, I knew it was the perfect way to bring the beauty of Autumn inside to my home and make it more cozy.
I was a little nervous, hot wax and little ones didn't sound like such a good combination. So I decided it would be a weekend project with two adults, but apparently I incredibly underestimated the amount of time it would take to melt beeswax in a Little Dipper crockpot. So after an hour or so of waiting, we gave up, I thought until this time next year.
But it all just worked out the next day and even with just me and three little curious and clumsy kiddos, it was actually very easy and of course fun. I gave the beeswax many hours to slowly melt and then set-up our little dipping station in our screened porch (which I love so much about my new house). We went out, baby in the wagon and picked all sorts of leaves, red, yellow, orange, brown and green. The best ones for dipping and hanging were the ones still on the tree instead of the partially wilted leaves on the ground. The littlest one of all even helped collect leaves as they fell. We even played in the leaves. A few simple rules for being around hot wax, and before I knew it we had a table full of preserved Autumn leaves.
I didn't have quite enough time to string them on a thread for the garland before dinner and bedtime so that was an evening task for me, probably for the best.
I just love this garland on our mantle. Thanks Ginny for the inspiration. I didn't think I could like Autumn more.
Now I just need to go light that pumpkin candle.

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