Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Life is Like Riding a Bike..."

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
~John F. Kennedy
After worrying if he was ever going to be interested in doing anything more with the bike Santa got him for Christmas last year than hitching it up to a Cozy Coupe or playing with the gears, I realize AGAIN that I need to just relax and allow him to discover life's adventures at whatever point his little heart and mind are ready.
However, there is a lot to be said for creating an environment to encourage and challenge a child.
"If you build it, they will come."
~ Field of Dreams
This is so true - as in our old house we did not have a driveway or street that was very good for learning to ride a bike. We tried, but it always seemed like we were pushing it, or it was just not an organic experience.
However, we had not lived in our house but one day, and our son was out on our new (flat, wide and wonderful for biking) driveway making his first independent attempts at riding a bike. After a few little helpful hints, he was off.
His little sister learned to bike the same day. All they do now is ask to go outside and ride their bikes.
Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.
~James E. Starrs
Riding a bike was and is one of my very favorite things to do. What a happy milestone this is. I look forward to many bike rides at the beach, on the greenway and even just around the neighborhood. Life is good.
I'm off to shop for cute bike accessories like pom pom strings and bells. I'll probably wander over and look at my dream bike for a bit too.
Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance,
you must keep moving.
~Albert Einstein
***Oh and this first bike ride was impromptu, so that is why he is not wearing a helmet, but please do not worry, he has a helmet he wears now every time. ***


MH said...

LOVE it!!

Patty said...

Ahh. So much fun indeed! I remember my first bike...a bright and shiny red Scwhinn. I even remember the smell of it. I know that sounds silly, but it did have a distinct new bike smell. :)

Anonymous said...

dude- nice rims


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