Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank You Immaculate Mary...and Happy Birthday too

Thank you sweet Blessed Mother on the feast of your Immaculate Birth for watching over my son (and me) on his first day of preschool. He was excited and happy, and I was not an emotional wreck, at least not too much.
I can not believe you are so big.
He was really excited about the lunch I let him pick out top to bottom at the grocery store the day before - which consisted of such extremely nutritious items as a Poptart, fruit snacks, juice, and m&ms. At least there was a pear and a ham and cheese on wheat sandwich, which of course he did not eat.
In honor of your birthday Mary, The Feast of the Nativity, today, we had cake and sang Happy Birthday Mary and Immaculate Mary.
We are moving, so all our cooking utensils and Mary statues are packed away, so a grocery store cake iced with Mary's name in blue and this month's Magnificat with a print of Mary as a little girl had to suffice as our our cake and decorations. Actually it was perfect and could not have imagined the moment any other way.
Future posts of feast day celebrations may be sparse as we move and get settled into a new home, so please look at my archives for September for ideas.
Happy Birthday Mary!!


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