Friday, August 6, 2010

Ready, Set...Vroom Vroom

Last week we had Pumpkin's Fourth Birthday Party. He wanted a race car birthday party as lately he loves all things race car. He even speaks race car sometime, saying "Vroom" or revving "his engine" in place of "Hello" or "I Love You." Here are a few highlights I am so excited to share... Invitation
(obviously personal details edited out)
Kerry at Smiles Across Miles on etsy custom made this adorable invitation of Pumpkin pictured next to his Grandpa's red "race car."
I used a black plastic tablecloth roll with white masking tape tick marks for the racetrack up to the house and out to the back yard. My father-in-law was kind enough to let us park his restored red corvette on the driveway next to the race track.
The kids loved seeing "a real race car."
There were checkered flags, red balloons and race cars everywhere.
We made Pumpkin this cute t-shirt (at that matched his invitation to wear at the party. He loved it.
We had this race car driver photo prop cut out that I got a picture of each child in. This is Peaches.
Cake..well actually cakeS I had originally planned to trim the race car cake to place it in the infield of the track, but it would just have been too big and too busy. So I decided to make two separate cakes, a race car and a race track. I got these cute race car candle holders to be the race cars racing around the track. As Pumpkin would want, the red race car is in the lead.
The party was a water party with kiddie pools, water slides, water table, and slip 'n slide.
The biggest hit though was the car wash station next to the "racetrack" with the kids washing and bubble painting the ride on cars with sponges and squirt bottles and bubble wash.
Food & Favors
Lunch for the kids was a racing themed meal of...
PB&J race car sandwiches
donut tires
and wheel & axle pretzels (stick and the wagon wheel pretzels).
The take home favor was a Rice Krispie Treat Stoplights made with m&m's


Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Fantastic! Happy birthday to your little man! +JMJ+

Jo Flemings said...

These are priceless- you get major awards for this shindig, woman! I hope he had a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday son, May God bless you & your family too :)

Valarie Sanders said...

Hello, great post! I featured this post (with a link back to you!) in my blog along with a couple other ideas on how to really keep kids busy if you want to go look at them. I love your ideas, keep them coming!

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