Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Small Steps from a Cozy Nook to a Morning Begun

Since reading a beautiful post with a peaceful description of a morning begun...

"I want my children to find me in that room, with a candle lit and the Bible on my lap when they first wake up."
I have been meaning to share how I have been trying to start most of my days recently. After a pet disaster a few months ago necessitated us ripping out our carpet, padding and sub floor in this window alcove, we now have this wonderful and cozy reading nook in our master bedroom. It is the perfect place to pile a couple kids on your lap and read a stack of good books. It is also the perfect place to sit in the morning - listening to the birds chirp outside, reading morning scripture, saying morning prayers, and reading inspirational words to guide you for the day in His footsteps. These inspirational words for me are in a book that deserves its picture on this blog... Look closely on the top of that shelf and you'll see this book - though new to my morning routine, it is irreplaceable - Small Steps for Catholic Moms by Danielle Bean & Elizabeth Foss. This book's Think, Pray, Act daily ponderings are the perfect opportunity for a mom who has limited introspective quiet time to read words that inspire, motivate and encourage a DAY of obedience, kindness and love laced in Faith in Him. I don't make it to this nook every morning, but the ones that where I do tend to be more joyful and fruitful. As I now make this book part of my morning prayer routine, it solidifies that
"A Day Hemmed In Prayer Seldom Unravels"
Here is a favorite excerpt, and there are 365 pages filled with these little nuggets of treasure:
"God hasn't called me to be successful,
He's called me to be faithful."
- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Jesus, help me to remember that it doesn't matter how many things I cross off my to-do list if I am not kind and charitable and gentle as I do them.
Instead of focusing on the outcomes of your activities today, focus simply on your state of soul as you do them. As you work, don't sin.
- February 2nd entry from Small Steps for Catholic Moms


MBH said...

wow - those think, pray, act quotes REALLY resonate with me - i need that book! did you order it online?

oh, and the window seat looks great!

Robina said...

Yes, here is the link to order it.

from amazon.com with free shipping


or from Circle Press


Literature Goddess said...

What a lovely post! I'm a fan of Elizabeth and Danielle, too! :)

Patty said...

I just ventured over to your post from Shower of Roses and saw the book you have listed. Since I'm a homeschool mom who feels she has so little time, and I know plenty of others in my group, I would like to add that to our group's reading list. Thanks for sharing it.

You have a beautiful family, Robina!

Angel Cameo said...

Lovely blog post. Very heavenly peaceful feeling. Love the picture of your beautiful family. Quiet time and silence is always better for a wonderful prayerful experience.

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