Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day This mom is thankful for her family and to be a mother to precious little ones that teach me every day how to love. Every day I ask for the grace to be more like our Heavenly Mother - more kind, patient, loving, grateful and tender. As I receive these graces, I learn to not worry as much about the little details but instead to savor them.
These is nothing more precious than an ordinary day.


JOYfilled Family said...

Thanks for posting. I just re-posted Marie's song, Ordinary Time. It's one that I've been meditating on since the start of the year.

Many blessings to you!

Pax Christi - Lena

"....may I never yearn for....may I finally learn to be happy and have patience with the constant changing rhythm of this ordinary time."

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Lovely! Happy Mother's Day, Robina. Maybe one day our paths will cross... we are a part of the same homeschool group. +JMJ+

Robina said...

So sorry for the late response. I recently changed the editing function for my comment moderation, so I didn;t even realize I had these comments. Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you soon too. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Robina said...

That is one of my favorite lines from the song also.

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