Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Homemaking Post

I just read this wonderful homemaking post by Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things. Sarah and I have a very similar approach to homemaking and cleaning our homes. She also has this follow-up post with more on the subject. A few things I took away from reading this to focus on are:
"If I clean my home every morning because I simply must have it clean to be at peace, then I have become slave to my own selfish desires. If, however, I clean my home every morning so that my family has a warm and happy place to be, that's very different, and it means I must approach things differently."
"the point of teaching young children to help (daily) is not to reduce MY workload. The point is to teach a lesson. Children need to contribute to the smooth running of the home in order to be well prepared for adulthood. That being so, taking the time to walk them through housecleaning tasks is one of the best uses of my time. These lessons are, perhaps, more important than many other lessons I make time for in our day. These are life skills!" "I think it's really, really important that we always choose relationships over tasks. Always. And that we never let our own selfish desires get in the way of serving our families."
and because I have a tendency to be more focused on clean than lived-in, I needed to hear this:
"The goal is not a clean house. The goal is a place for living. And real, joyful, no-regrets living is messy. We do not aim to keep the house clean; we aim to provide a comfortable place for spontaneous, messy, joyful LIFE."
Thanks for the wonderful post Sarah.


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