Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcanic Sleep Deprivation

My son has been enthralled by the images on the news of the erupting volcano in Iceland, so today we made our own little volcano. Please do not think that I am supermom by doing this because it is so easy (remember from 3rd grade?). I felt bad for my kids because I am a walking zombie today from sleepless nights with a baby who is having trouble sleeping (because her parents have been dragging her around too much and keeping her up late) that I knew I had to do something fun today for them (and for me to snap me out of my sleepy doldrums). From the news reports it sounds like this thing will be erupting for a while so you may have weeks to do this activity and relate it to the pictures on the news.
I am copying the directions from here with our tweaks to make it even easier and more colorful and explosive below:
What you'll need: Large paper plate Bathroom or Styrofoam disposable cup
Aluminum foil Water Baking soda Vinegar Tablespoon Cup
dish soap
food coloring Pan or tray covered in wax paper or foil
How to make the volcano:
Place the paper cup on top of the plate and cover completely with a piece of foil. Place the foil over the cup and plate and turn the foil under the plate edge. Poke a hole through the foil into the middle of the cup and press the foil pieces flush against the inside of the cup. this fiery lava is from red food coloring
To Make Your Volcano Erupt: Place the volcano on a pan or tray (or you'll get lava all over the place!) Fill the volcano with a tablespoon of dish soap, 6 tablespoons of water and stir in 3 tablespoons of baking soda until it dissolves. Measure 6 tablespoons of vinegar into a separate cup and color with food coloring (red for fiery lava or red and blue to make purple for a gray ash cloud). Pour the vinegar, all at once into the water/baking soda mixture and watch your lava bubble up!
this grey ash cloud is from red and blue food coloring to make purple liquid that foams out to an ashy grey

Our prayers go out to all those affected by the volcano.


Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

We were looking at these pictures just last night!

Robina said...

Thanks Charlotte. Those pictures are incredible. I may add one more to my post.

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