Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Quack, Quack Affair

A recent Saturday was all quack-quack and waddle-waddle at our house as we had Peaches' Ducky 2nd Birthday Party. There are few things I love more than planning a child's party, so I adored every minute of putting of putting this together for her. Peaches really loves ducks and she was so happy. Here are some highlights. This is her two year birthday picture in her ducky birthday dress.
A very excited birthday girl checking out the goodies table
Everyone dressed in yellow and ducks
Decorations & Activities
The entrance was set with yellow balloons and streamers and a "Waddle On In" sign. Then there was a kiddie pool filled with blue cellophane and bubble wrap with little rubber duckies "swimming" in it. Orange cut out duck foot prints on the floor and wall brought you into the kitchen where there were stuffed ducks and toys all over, children's books featuring ducks in them (Jemima Puddle Duck, Angus and the Ducks, The Story About Ping, and more), and of course the cake which was a 3D duck swimming in the water.
"Pin the Beak on the Duck"
For activities, the children jumped in the ducky pond popping the bubble wrap, played at tables with lots of yellow play-doh, colored ducky coloring pages with yellow crayons, danced to ducky children's songs (Six Little Ducks, The Duck Dance, Rubber Ducky, Ducks Dance Too and Quack, Quack, Quack), and finally a cute game of pin the beak on the duck.
Duck "foot prints"
Duck Pond with rubber duckies floating in it with blue cellophane for water and bubble wrap for bubbles
Duck Coloring pages table. There were also a couple tables with yellow play-doh and toys.
Duck Children's Books. Other decorations were stuffed ducks all over the place.
Food & Favors
For snacks before lunch, there were "Quackers" and Cheese, "Quack" Mix, Yellow Cream Oreos, Yellow Duck Butter Mints, and "Duck Feed" (also known as Chex Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow).
For the children's lunch, there was "Quacker Butter and Jelly Sandwiches" cut into the shape of a duck, organic ducky crackers, yellow duck marshmallow Peeps, and lemonade in cute ducky straw cups to take home. For dessert we had ice cream and ducky cake, which was white cake with yellow cream Oreos crushed inside.
In addition to the duck straw cups, each child took home a yellow rubber ducky toy and a precious duck lollipop (graciously made by my mother-in-law, oh and she made the cute duck mints too).
Duck Lollipop Favors
Can you believe I found these bottles of wine, which more decoration than drink since it was a morning children's party.
Ducky Crackers (my local grocery store has these as their organic store brand of goldfish crackers)
These were "Quacker butter & Jam Sandwiches" for the children were PB&J sandwiches cut into the shape of a duck with a cookie cutter. Adults ate pizza which just happened to be delivered in yellow pizza boxes.
Trail mix in one of many cute ducky themed serving dishes
"Quackers & Cheese"
Adorable ducky butter mints made my my mother-in-law. I wish I had a better picture of the actual mints in the shape of little ducks. They were precious.
These are muddy-buddies or puppy chow (whatever you grew up calling it), but for this party it was called "Duck Feed"
My mom found these cute straw cups which we served yellow lemonade in and then gave one to each child as a favor.
Of course the party ended eating this yummy duck cake.
Happy Quackday Peaches!!


Kelly said...

So my son soon to be 8 year old wants a special forces military themed party... up for planning it??? :-)

In all seriousness - you are amazing! What a great party!

Robina said...

Thanks Kelly. I'm not sure I'm equipped for planning such a covert mission theme. What a fun idea though. I'll try to think of some ideas that aren't too little kiddish for such a big boy!! :)

Bridgette said...

Love your party ideas. I am planning a "Rubber Ducky" first birthday for my son. Do you remember where you got the duck head straw cups? Or what they were called so I can do an online search? They are a must have!!

Thanks for your help! Know this party was some time ago.

Robina said...

The duckky straw cups I think were from party city. My mom happened to be out and see them and got them for me. Maybe you could google and find them somewhere. Good luck with your party and Happy Birthday to your son.

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