Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feast of the Annunciation

"Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word." Lk 1:38
Wednesday, March 25th is the Feast of the Annunciation, celebrating the incarnation of Jesus in the womb of Mary, and falls exactly nine months before Christmas Day. The Annunciation is described in the first chapter of Luke, and it is in those verses that we are given the words to the "Hail Mary."
- Pray the Hail Mary - Pray the Angelus. This is a video of the prayers chanted by the Daughters of Mary.

- Pray the Magnificat, also called the Canticle of Mary, which is Mary's response (1:46-55) to her cousin Elizabeth's greeting (Luke 1: 41-45). This is the Magnificat by J.S. Bach.
Reading & Learning
Mary the Mother of Jesus by Tomis dePaola Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman
Crafts & Activities
- Have your children color this or this picture of the Annunciation
- Have you children fill out this fill-in-the-blank sheet of the Hail Mary
- Make a "Mary's Candle" using a fat pillar white or blue candle. Carve a niche in the wax large enough to fit a small baby doll or a small image of the Infant Jesus. Fasten a "curtain" of white cloth, over the opening with pins pushed into the wax. The candle represents the purity of the Virgin. The Baby is "hidden" within the body of the candle. Light the candle when you say the Hail Mary, Angelus, or Rosary on this Feast. The same candle can be saved to be used on other feast days and solemnities of the Blessed Virgin (Assumption, Immaculate Conception). On Christmas open the little curtain to reveal the infant Jesus.
- Decorate the dining table with baby's breath flowers
Food & Treats
- Make "Annunciation Waffles" for breakfast or dinner using frozen, homemade or this recipe for Swedish waffles below as waffles are the traditional food eaten on the Feast of the Annunciation in Sweden. Visit Catholic Cuisine for a detailed history of this tradition or for more food ideas for the Annunciation.
Swedish Waffles 1 3/4 cups heavy cream, well-chilled 1 1/3 cups flour 1-2 tablespoons sugar Pinch of salt 1/2 cup cold water 3 tablespoons melted sweet butter Whip the cream until stiff. Mix the flour, sugar, and salt in a bowl. Stir in the water to make a smooth batter. Fold the whipped cream into the batter. Stir in the melted butter. Heat the waffle iron. (If it is well seasoned, it will not need to be greased.) Fill the grid surface about two-thirds full of batter. Bake until golden brown. Place on a rack to keep crisp while you make the rest of the waffles. Yield: about 8 waffles recipe from A Continual Feast by Evelyn's Vitz
- Make or buy angel food cake and serve with blueberries on top or iced with blue frosting, as blue is the traditional color of Mary's mantle.


Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas! I stumbled here and have found a few new things to add to our family's celebration this year.

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