Monday, February 8, 2010

I Heart U Valentine Card and more

Here are some cute ideas for crafty Valentine's Day cards that are easy and fun to make.
"Eye" heart "U" cards I came up with this card using red and white construction paper (or thick cardstock if you like), I just used Elmer's glue and made a dot for the eye and the kids put their eye on. I used a glue stick to make a heart shape and then let the kids sprinkle glitter on the heart and dumped the excess glitter. Then I cut a "u" out of felt and made a "u" shape on the card with Elmer's glue and let the kids put their "u" on the glue. Then we just wrote names on it.
Here is another easy Valentine's Day card idea you can do too.

Hand Print Heart Card

1. Use half a piece of white card stock or watercolor paper. Or fold paper in half and have it open up. Using finger paint and a sponge brush, carefully apply to your child's hand. 2. When applying the hand to the paper, turn the card paper upside down and/or backwards-so the card opens the opposite way of what you would normally expect. This way, your child will not have to bend their hand in an awkward position when stamping their hands into a heart shape. Have your child hold their fingers together instead of spread apart. This way the image will look more like a heart. The palm of the hand makes the top of the heart, and the fingers make the bottom of the heart. 3. Press the hand evenly and lift straight up when done. Wipe hand off with a rag or wipe 4. Repeat the process with the other hand.

5. Use a black pen or crayon to add words or embellish. You could also stamp some words. 6. Write a message to the loved one inside or around the heart.


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