Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Week Old

"Sweet Pea" is one week old today.
We made her a cake. Very simple of course, box cake, can icing, resulting in entertained children for twenty minutes. And they think I'm great because I let them lick the beaters. That makes me happy because I feel guilty since I have not been able to spend as much time with them this week.
We sang her Happy Birthday.
Here is a favorite picture I caught earlier today. She must have been having a sweet little dream to make her smile so big.
I know I have been absent here this past week, but I wanted to spend every free moment with my little newborn angel. I have some more pictures of her I'll post later, but I will probably be posting infrequently for another week or so. Can you blame me?


Anonymous said...

Nothing but nothing takes priority over this little angel. As much as it seems important, nothing really is as important as spending time with this little baby. Those are moments you cannot go back and recapture, so enjoy it and make it last as long as you can! Blessings!

Ruth said...

Congratulations, Robina! She's beautiful!!!

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