Monday, December 7, 2009

Pets & Pals

This week with Little Saints we learned all about pets in homes and yards including dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs. There were so many wonderful books to read this week that reading picture books was the bulk of what we did.

Books We Read
All of these books are so wonderful, with the exception of Barry The Bravest Saint Bernard. It was really much too long for a preschooler in my opinion and about a quarter of the way into it, there were robbers and guns involved, so we did not finish reading that book. I can't recommend it for this age. I didn't finish reading it myself, so maybe it's a good book for older children, but I'm not sure.
Arts & Crafts
Because this week was so filled with rich picture books, we only did a couple art projects. Pumpkin loved making this doggy card with flap up ears for a sweet message. I got the idea here, but I tweaked it using a black fuzzy ball for the nose and a pink foam heart upside down for the mouth instead of drawing out a face. Pumpkin prefers to glue things more than draw or color.
We also colored a couple of these dog breed and cat coloring pages.
Yummy Treats
We made these yummy cookie cat faces with just some candy we have left over in our candy box. I think they turned pretty cute. I think sugar cookies would have been better for decorating purposes but I was really craving oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (see yummy recipe at the bottom of this post), so that's why I put chocolate icing on top instead of white for the faces.
We also made these Jello fish aquariums. It would have turned out better if I had used clear plastic cups instead of these glasses. Also I think I may have watered the Jello down a little so it isn't such a dark blue. I think smaller gummy fish would have been cute too, but the store only had the larger Swedish fish. Regardless, the kids LOVED these and they were fun and easy to make.
Other Activities
We counted ducky crackers in ones and in twos.
Little Saints had a cute print out of pets where one had something different, and Pumpkin surprised me at being so observant as to notice the differences. We had never played a game like that before, but I may try to find more like it online. We also sang lots of songs and rhymes about pets and animals.

Music Appreciation

We listened to Saint-Saëns' "Carnival of Animals." My kids loved looking at the pictures of the animals that accompanied the music on this video.


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