Friday, December 4, 2009

Diapers & Pins for a Wee Pea in the Pod

Can you believe these diaper pins are the same ones my mother used on me when I was a baby? Aren't they precious?
This freshly washed and clean smelling pile of cloth diapers and covers and supplies has me so excited about holding a new little baby in my arms.
I have always wanted to use cloth diapers with my babies, but have not been prepared to make the initial investment into all the diapers, covers, etc. I never wanted to do a diaper service, because the cost just wasn't an option for us. Well, before I was even pregnant with this baby a friend gave me her entire supply of used diaper prefolds, inserts, covers, diaper pail, and pail liners!!! After a few washings they were as good as new. I sorted them all and realized all I needed was a few prefold diapers in a newborn size, some Snappis and pail deodorizers. I was able to stock up on these items at a Black Friday sale my local diaper service (Healthy Bottoms) was holding. The owner of Healthy Bottoms just came over today to show me all her tricks of folding cloth diapers, washing, storing, etc. I will of course be using the amazing Charlie's Soap to wash them, which is what we use on all our laundry as I previously raved about. I also got six gallons of Charlie's Soap at the Black Friday sale at a great price, so I am stocked on laundry detergent for a long time. After talking to her I realized I need a couple more newborn velcro diaper covers and a few more in a smaller than 6 month size since the elastic was worn down on some of the ones my friend gave me. I'll see how things go the first few weeks and then invest in these. Once this pea in the pod has arrived, I will update you on how my adventure with cloth diapers is going. I am hoping for the best, but knowing that I will get frustrated at times. I also expect a good deal of negative comments and lack of support from some people, but I believe that this is the best thing for my baby and that the gift from my friend happened for a reason. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I rationalize the extra time I spend on laundry as equal to the time I would spend going to my local Babies 'r Us to buy Pampers or their generic disposable diapers (which I will still have on hand to use on certain occasions). If any of you use cloth diapers and have any tips or advice, please share your wisdom with me.


Mrs. Csirke said...

We are using cloth diapers too! I am really excited. And seriously, who would be leaving you negative comments or not be supportive? That is just too judgmental for words. Its your choice, and it doesn't impact anyone but you (plus its better for the environment)!
I wish I had known about the black friday sale though, I need a few more items though I am pretty stocked up.

Michelle said...

Yeah! A cloth diaper convert! I have been using them since our first child and I still LOVE them! They will go through a third baby come February :) How wonderful that someone gave them to you!

It took me a couple of months with our first before I really felt I got good at folding and found a routine for washing that really worked for me (we actually took a picture of our first folding job on the newborn it was so bad!). But since then it's kind of been like second nature to me. I think it's way easier and cheaper to throw a load in the washer and dryer than buy them at the grocery store...especially if you have two in diapers at the same time. We even bring ours along with us when we travel if we know we'll have access to laundry facilities.

You will LOVE your snappi! Good luck with it all and blessings to the new little one.

Wood said...

Another cloth diapering (and ECing) family here. I've been through some trial and error to get a good washing routine - I think there is a bit of a learning curve there.
If you have a way to dry them in the sun, that will be the best way to disinfect them!

Dan and Peg said...

I've been cloth diapering since my first and we're expecting no. 4 in Feb. Bought some new dipes for this little one and can't wait to use them! Love cloth dipes. The investment is definitely worth it- cheaper overall. Folks may think you're 'weird' or look at you in disbelief that you would even consider doing such an old fashioned thing. They haven't seen today's cloth dipes!
Anyway, there is a learning curve, and like anything else, you'll go through bumps in the road. Vent here any time...sounds like you'll get lots of support! Good luck!

Robina said...

Thank you all for you sweet comments. I may be contacting you in a couple months with questions :))

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