Sunday, December 20, 2009

Catholic Embroidery

Earlier today I was honored to become the godmother of a sweet little baby boy. For his baptism gift, I gave him a beautiful baby blanket with his name and today's date of his baptism and a gold cross embroidered upon it from Catholic Embroidery. I can not tell you how much I am impressed with Catholic Embroidery's products and customer service. Originally I ordered a blue fleece blanket with white embroidery, but because the little boy's name was longer than most, the font has to be decreased in size. When I received the fleece blanket, due to the plushness of the fleece material and the smaller font size, the thread almost had a light blue instead of a white appearance. I wanted to make sure it really was white thread and contacted them. Once they explained the above explanation, I was satisfied as I had just wanted to make sure the white thread color I had requested was used. The blanket still looked beautiful. However, because Catholic Embroidery wanted me to be completely satisfied they rushed me another blanket that was the thermal material instead of the fleece and separated the boy's name into two lines. I received it exactly when it was promised and could not have been happier with how it turned out.
I was so overjoyed to give my friend the blanket for her son, and she of course loved it. My friend's family was eager to get the information for Catholic Embroidery, and I am delighted to share Catholic Embroidery with them and with you. I plan to order some monogrammed mass bags for my children soon, and they have so many other lovely products including adult and children's aprons, blankets and afghans, bookmarks, and tote bags. I just wanted to share with you this wonderful company.


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