Sunday, November 29, 2009


This past week with Little Saints we learned all about Thanksgiving, from the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims to today's holiday celebration with family, food and gratitude.

Books We Read
Some of these books would be better for older children, so we shortened the stories and talked about the pictures instead of reading it all word for word.
Arts & Crafts
We had intended to make Pinecone Turkeys (as in the link except with paper feathers), but I forgot to buy the pinecones from the craft store, so we figured we would just get some from the ample supply in our backyard courtesy of all our pine trees. We brought a couple pinceones in and even though they weren't perfect because they were still a little closed up, we started gluing paper feathers onto them. Luckily they were sitting on white paper plates and not our dark countertops or we may not have noticed all the little bugs that started crawling out of them. We ditched the idea of pinecone turkeys (along with ditching the actual bug infested pinecones back into our yard) and decided to create a version of hand traced-turkeys instead. We glued on construction paper feathers, orange foam triangles for the feet and the beak, red foam circles for the wattle and a googly eye to create our turkey.
We also made this cute Indian Corn craft coloring marshmallows with markers in red, orange, yellow and brown and placing thme in glue Pumpkin put on the paper staying inside the corn lines. Of course he had to have a few as a treat after the craft too.
We also colored this Cornucopia coloring page.
Yummy Treats
I think I saw these Oreo Candy Corn Turkeys in Parenting or Family Fun magazine, but I can't remember which one. It was such a hit, we actually made them three different times this past week. Good thing I was able to find one more bag of candy corns left over from Halloween, next year I'll remember to save a bag.
Other Activities
Of course we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, but I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful table and spread at Pumpkin's Granny's house.
We also finished plucking all the feathers from our Thanksgiving Countdown Turkey. The kids had so much fun doing this activity. Pumpkin really began to understand what being thankful meant as each day as I would write what he told me he was thankful for on the feather and store it in a turkey candle holder I placed a mason jar into to hold the feathers. He was grateful for everything from his family, to various trucks, treats to a little friend's upcoming birthday party. we will definitely be repeating this cute craft and tradition next year.

Of course we watched lots of football this week too.

Music Appreciation

We listened to Haydn's "The Heavens are Telling" The Creation. Listening to classical pieces each week is actually starting to have an effect I think, as the other day Pumpkin asked to listen to Mozart!!


Lacy said...

I love the little oreo turkeys. So cute! :-)

Robina said...

Thanks, so did my kids. and me too :)

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