Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Supermarkets & Food

Last week with Little Saints we learned all about food, food groups and grocery shopping. What an appropriate theme the week before Thanksgiving.

Books We Read
Yummy Treats
Pumpkin made honey tarts as described in Little Saints as an activity for this week by mashing biscuits with his hand (you know he loved this) and then spreading butter and honey on them and then we baked them.
Pumpkin sorted mixed dry beans (we had quite the adventure finding these at the grocery store, as they had a big loading cart in front of the beans and we kept walking past it and couldn't figure out why they were not in the aisle they should be). It was a good opportunity to discuss grocery aisles and what is in what section and the lists of items and the numbers on the aisles. Pumpkin learned all about food groups and the food pyramid and played games sorting food into groups withing the food pyramid using game print-outs from File Folder Fun.
We played grocery store in the playroom, which really is an almost daily activity with our stock of food (we got a huge box from Target in their $10 section at Christmas) and cash register.
We also played a cut out game in Little Saints with pie halves and quarters, introducing the concept of a half and a quarter of a whole.
We also talked about these foods and what food group they were in and had fun cutting them into halves and quarters. My kids love, love, love this toy.
Music Appreciation
We listened to Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20.


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