Monday, November 9, 2009

Safety Friends

This week was Safety Friends with Little Saints, studying firemen and fire trucks, policeman and police cars and ambulances. Obviously this week was a hit with a 3 year old boy. In addition to below we sang lots of songs, read poems, did finger plays and other things for the week during Circle time that are in the Little Saints book.
Books We Read
A couple of these books were good, specifically Fire Engines by Anne Rockwell, but I was not impressed by the other titles. There were some on the Little Saints list that were not available at our library that may have been better.
Yummy Treats
We made this fire truck snack with graham crackers, icing with red food coloring, tootsie roll, red m&m's, pretzels and crackers. I found the idea here and tweaked it a little. Very cute and easy
Crafts & Activities
Pumpkin made a shapes fire truck. We learned to always look both ways and hold your mom or dad's hand when crossing a street. We made this hand print cut-out of mine and Pumpkin's hand, holding hands with a bible verse in the heart saying:
"O Lord...thy hand shall lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me."
Psalm 39: 1,10
We played a lot of games pretending to be a fireman putting out fires or a policeman rescuing people. We learned to always pull over to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle with its sirens on is driving near us and to say a little prayer for their safety. We colored pictures of fire trucks and ambulances. There are so many emergency vehicle and worker coloring pages to be found from a Google search. We learned all about calling 911 if there is an emergency or a fire. We practiced calling 911 on a play phone. We also learned all about STOP, DROP & ROLL if there is a fire. Lots of silliness with practicing that.
Interesting Adventures
This wasn't a planned activity, but one afternoon after coming home from a run through the neighborhood with the kids in the jogging stroller, we went straight to the back yard to play. We didn't go inside and turn off the alarm. I left my little bag with my cell phone in the garage while I played with the kids outside. My neighbor from across the street came over and told me the police were at my house out front, and my husband was trying to call me repeatedly and finally had called him to go check on me. The alarm company was calling all our phones including my husband's at work because the alarm was going off inside. I didn't hear my cell phone ringing to know to tell them it was a false alarm. I assume one of the kids jostled the back door when they were playing on the deck and that set off the alarm. So we walked out to the front driveway and sure enough there was a police car there, then another one arrived. After I showed them my i.d. and explained what happened, everything was fine. The kids loved it because they got to see a police car with its lights on. It was also interesting since we were just learning about policeman. I learned my lesson to keep my cell phone a little handier or at least within audible range. I did feel bad that my false alarm took of the police's time.
Music Appreciation
We listened to Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 here.

Not surprisingly, I couldn't find any classical artwork that depicted fire trucks or police cars. The closest I came was some Norman Rockwell prints but they weren't really that appropriate.

I had hoped to take the kids to a fire station, but we just did not have time. Hopefully, the police cars at our house were enough life size action.


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what a nice blog. It's refeshing to see that there are nice, Godly women still around

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