Monday, November 2, 2009

Our House Is a Home

This past week with Little Saints we learned all about Homes and Houses and neighborhoods. It was a very busy week with Halloween festivities, but we managed to do a couple mornings of school activities.

Books we Read
Arts & Crafts
Pumpkin made houses on a street out of shapes and then he decorated his street with pets and cars.

We learned the concept of phone and address numbers and made a phone number glitter touch'n'feel. He traced the numbers of his phone number once the glue dried.

I helped Pumpkin write a letter to his Daddy and put it in an envelope. I wrote our address on the front, and Pumpkin put a stamp on it and put it in the mailbox. We should be receiving it in the mail today.

Yummy Treats

Does door to door trick-or-treating count!?! I think so.
Music & Art Appreciation
We listened to Mozart's Marriage of Figaro here.

We looked and and talked about one of favorite paintings of all time, Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World. We related it to the small house out in the country form another all time favorite, the book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. Silly Stuff
We watched Disney's Three Little Pigs here and talked about how houses are built out of different things and some building materials are stronger than others.

We looked at pictures of houses in different parts of the world made of different materials, including a brick house, adobe house, igloo, stick house, tree house (more whimsical then real), log house, mud house, and a church which is the house of God (this is the log chapel at Notre Dame). We looked at the street view on Google maps of our street, and saw our house and our neighbors' houses. We took some nice walks and runs around the neighborhood, talking about the houses, pointing out their mailboxes and house numbers. Of course we did door to door trick-or-treating around the neighborhood too.


Tracy said...

Oh, Christina's World! I had this on the wall of my college dorm. I loved it; my room-mate hated it!

I enjoy these posts about Little Saints. I have never used the program, but might consider it when my 2yo is old enough. Your posts help to know if it would be a good fit for us.

Robina said...

Thanks Tracy, So glad you enjoy them. I had a Christina's World print on my wall in college too.

Kelly said...

The painting you show above... I have always loved it!!! It hung in the hallway of St Vincent's Seminary in Latrobe, PA. There is something about it I have always been drawn to but never been able to pin point exactly what I like so much.

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