Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snoogle Sleep

My heart goes out to any pregnant woman who does not have a Snoogle, because I can not imagine sleeping without mine. I just wanted to share how much I love it. It is expensive, but worth every penny. I am not receiving any kickbacks for raving about this pillow, just the joy of spreading blissful pregnancy sleep, especially for those pregnant women responding, "What is that?"


Mrs. Csirke said...

I thought about buying one, you can get them really cheap on ebay. But I move around too much in my sleep to have such a big pillow impeding my movement.

Jessica said...

I totally intended to purchase one of those this time around... and never did... Now with just 9 weeks till my due date (and all of my children have arrived early) it is probably too late. Next time for SURE! =)

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