Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peaches & Pumpkin's Room - Finished

So after months of determining how I was going to decorate a bedroom for a little boy and girl to share and more months of actually finishing each little project, Pumpkin & Peaches' bedroom is finally finished. Peaches is still sleeping in the nursery and all her clothes are still there too. I will probably wait until the last minute before the new baby is born to move them in together so that sleeping remains as peaceful as possible for as long as possible.
So here's a little tour. Please pardon all the paint-brushed pictures. There are a lot of monogrammed things in the room, so I just wanted to blur out their real names. The white crib we have had, but all the other furniture is new. I love it and the bunk beds can be changed into two twin beds. The basic theme is green gingham with pale blue accents for Pumpkin and pale pink accents for Peaches. I got almost all the Pottery Barn Kids green gingham pieces from ebay (both used and new) and saved a bundle. I sewed the standard sham on the lower bunk from a fitted queen sheet I got on ebay (I haven't finished the top bunk sham yet). For some strange reason Pottery Barn Kids doesn't carry a standard sham in this pattern only a standard pillowcase, so that's why I had to sew it myself.
The only pieces I bought at the store are the panel curtains, which were marked down significantly because they didn't have the blackout liner. To save money I bought the blackout liner at the fabric store and sewed it onto the curtains myself. It is wonderful because the room can be made very dim at nap time even with the southern exposure through the windows.
The decorative pillows on their beds have their names and the date of their baptism on them.
I love these growth charts.
On the wall above the crib, there are 8 inch whimsical wall letters (that I also got from ebay)spelling out each of their names in the pale blue and pale pink. Underneath their names are frames I got from the hospital photographer of their newborn photo and birth date, weight, height and their newborn footprints.
Sitting on the end table are two of my favorite recent pictures of the two of them in black and white, sorry for the flash reflection.
On the tall dresser are Tiffany piggy banks (blue elephant and pink piggy) that my husband's boss bought each of them as a newborn gift. Also are pictures of each of them at about 6-7 months of age in their little winter buntings, blue and pink. I love these pictures because they are so similar and show their beautiful blue eyes. Also is the guardian angel statue I recently got for them, which I love because it has a little boy and a little girl nestled in the wings of the angel. Above the dresser is my favorite part of the room, these precious silhouettes of little children at play. I got these on ebay for about $1-3 each. I got the pale green matting and white frames on sale at Michael's.

So that is the tour. Thank you for letting me indulge. I just love how calm and peaceful the room is and all the light in it. Oh, I forgot to say we recently repainted it as it was a dark green making the room seem very small. Also the wall behind the bunk beds has that great wallpaper map of the world. I wish it could have been left open but there was no other way to arrange the furniture without the bunk beds covering the map. My next project will be changing the nursery just a little bit for the new baby, so I'll share pictures of that room later.


Jessica said...

Wow!! It looks wonderful Robina! I love it!

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