Friday, October 23, 2009

In My Own Words

I am always inspired and renewed going to the annual fundraising dinner for Room at the Inn, to hear the wonderful speakers, but mostly to be surrounded by friends and strangers (over a thousand) who are there like me to do what they can to support the Pro-Life mission. I am having a rough day (for other reasons), so the poem that was forming in my head last night, as I watched the video of mothers who chose life for their babies because they had the support from Room at the Inn, just isn't coalescing as I had hoped. So I wanted to share a poem I wrote this time last year. I can not call myself even an amateur poet, so please don't judge my trivial and unrefined writings.

A Child's Farewell
Your soft and steady heartbeat is all I know,
the sonata to which in this womb I grow.
Before you knew of me, I looked upon you from heaven,
but I'm already forgetting so I can befriend you again.
I am growing and awaiting the day we will meet
when you'll hold me and realize your life is complete.
Now your pulse is wild, your heart is beating so fast,
Sweet mother don't be frightened, this worry will not last.
I promise with time you will be happy I am here
that my life will give you life, never a regretful tear.
But something is happening, I see my angel of light,
She tells me not to fear the dawn of the night.
It's suddenly so cold and the scalpel is coming near
We were two now we're one, Goodbye mother dear
I never saw your face but your beauty I know
and His forgiveness will rediscover it underneath your sorrow
If you think of me someday know I will love you forever,
for regardless of your Choice, you are evermore my mother.


Kelly said...

That is so beautiful!!! You need to advise grabbing kleenex before reading!

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