Thursday, October 15, 2009

If a Two Year Old Can Befriend Elmo...

Many friends who read my blog ask if I do all the things listed on a particular feast day with my children. The answer is of course no. As the leader of my parish's Mom's Club, I list many of the activities on my blog as ideas for children of many ages. My list is skewed to things that younger preschoolers would enjoy, but some things I know are much too young for my children. I gather my lists of ideas and activities from various books on celebrating the liturgical year and from the blogs of some incredibly creative mothers. Despite my limited creativity, I am also able to come up with a few of the ideas on my own.
The reason for this post though is the second question that comes after whether we do all the ideas suggested for a particular feast day or holiday. Some people wonder why I go to so much effort for children three and under. I can understand why. There are days where something I had planned does not go over well at all, that they are either not interested or just not capable yet of doing the activity. I sometimes get frustrated, but I am doing better lately at relaxing. I am realizing that we can try that activity next year and probably with a lot more meaning.
The reason I do these activities for such young children comes down to laying a foundation (in baby steps) of living the liturgical year at home. I have always believed that if a child can become attached to TV characters like Elmo or Dora that they can get to know Jesus and Mary and the Saints in the same way. The challenge is for us mothers to present the Catholic faith in a way that is at their level but at the same time memorable and hopefully even fun.
Ultimately I hope to use these early years as a wonderful opportunity to establish family traditions and develop a library of ideas. So please never feel that I am doing all that I post or that you are doing so little. Every child is different and each mom knows what their child will enjoy and connect with the most. As with any day at home with children, whether it is the tenth day of Advent, the Feast of St. Francis or just a regular day in Ordinary Time, some days are good and some are not as good. My goal is to do the best I can to help my children know and love God.


Shelly said...

I whole-heartedly agree w/teaching them young, and what their little minds learn. my 2yo can identify a photo of padre pio anywhere! every time i'd change his diaper i handed him the holy card of st. pio and have him repeat his name. of course, the little sponges that they are, this only took 3 or 4 times :)

God bless your growing family :)

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