Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is Here

The season of Fall was our weekly theme with Little Saints this past week. I feel after a couple months of doing this preschool program at home that I am at the point I can share some of the things we do. I will try share every week.
We actually read more, but these are some of the Autumn-themed ones)

Music & Art Appreciation

Listened to Vivaldi's Autumn with a beautiful slideshow of Autumn inspired artwork and photographs on

Food & Treats

We baked Pumpkin Pie and drank apple cider. We also made an apple pie and are still eating the apples we picked a few weeks ago. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of these.)

Tissue Paper Autumn Leaves

Nature Walks & Nature Color Scavenger Hunt

(We actually did this last year for the Feast of St. Francis and many times since. we didn't get to that this year for his feast day, but it fit perfectly in with this week's theme.) Pumpkin loves this activity. It's an egg carton that I colored each slot different colors of crayons, and he has to find things in nature that color. Some seasons, certain colors are harder than others. Although this time, he found a rock that was very blue.

Leaf Rubbings

I had to help with this one, but they loved watching the leaves we collected on our nature walk "appear" on the paper. Apple Tree Song & Apple Counting

Way up high in an apple tree, ten little apples smiled down at me I shook that tree as hard as I could, down came the apples M-m-m-m they were good.

This is a felt board with felt apples and tree cut-outs.

Watching squirrels collect nuts and acorns and then shelling peanuts to eat for snack

Since not enough leaves have fallen from our trees to play in, we looked at pictures of our family playing in the leaves last Fall.


Gae said...

You look like you have had a great time with your children and they have learnt so much.
The best of both worlds.
Please continue to share these with us. I am loving looking at this
God Bless

Erin said...

We've just started the Little Saints in earnest too, we're up to Week 4, looking forward to reading your experiences.

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